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1) Water Tried to Kill ME:

Everyone has their own story, whether it's choking on a glass of water (my story) or it's six feet of white wash coming for you over dry-reef in indonesia, they're all funny when it's not happening to you. Laugh with us as once again brings you a stunning compilation of surfing, slander, and destruction from around the world. From Jesse Evan's public defecation and liquid tiger balm in Adam Wickwire's eyes while sleeping, to Josh Hoyer's dead animal collection and people falling off roofs; Water Tried to Kill Me will make you think twice about surfing, partying or sleeping anywhere around these guys.

Click HERE for trailer:

2) The Day Newport Died:

A movie from shorescrew productions chalk full of the best girls, freaks, fights and desctruction we have to offer, all smashed between some of the best waves Newport's ever had, plus scandalous adventures in other places we'd like to live, but for some reason don't.

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